SEO: How long will it take to see results?

When implementing new Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to your website, it can take some time for your business to start seeing results, as like with any marketing activity, these things take time and can’t be done over night.

You may be asking yourself lots of questions but try to bear in mind that even though some things do take time, they are always worth waiting for as eventually you will see the results clearly coming through via your reporting channels.

The main aim for search engines is to return quality results to its users which are organic, and it does take time to make sure this is correct.

Here are some aspects to consider when trying to speed up the results from an SEO campaign:

Create balanced content

Ensuring you have balanced content that sells your business but also adheres to SEO rules and regulations will definitely stand you in good stead when you click ‘publish’ on your website. Search engine’s like to see natural marketing shining through. We can all talk about how good our companies and organisations are but do other people think the same? And are we telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? The likes of Google have the ability to test page authority and business history to make sure you’re compliant.

Generate Quality Links

Links are a really important quality to be contained within your website as these show your content is relevant as it refers back to other relevant content you may have written or similar content from another part of the web.

Include plenty of relevant back links

This relates to the point above, make sure you include links to specific content on your website that includes similar key words – this will ensure your authoritative points are being added up to create a positive SEO experience for search engine users.

Get trending on social media

Use your social media sites to create an abundance of mentions online so that people are liking and sharing your website links across the web. This will score you some serious SEO brownie points.

Add your business to trade directories

This is really important as Google will see other websites are displaying your website information and they are also a trusted site – your page ranking tends to be favourable to the likes of Google.

Online influencers

Influencers are a great way to get your links displayed across the web too. Make sure you get in touch with people in the industry who are likely to write about your products or services and you’ll likely find that your page rankings soar, especially if they share your information more than once on their websites.

The sooner your start to invest in a quality website, with quality content and quality links, the sooner you’ll start to see SEO business returns.

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Author: Lisa Scott

Lisa works alongside the team to provide social media management, copywriting, training assistance and general account management for onefoursix and their clients.

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