SEO vs PPC What are the benefits

SEO VS PPC – what are the benefits?

Advertising your business always has its benefits. Using efficient SEO techniques to market your business is also beneficial but what other tools are there to increase the number of visitors and sales that come to and from your website.

If you can afford to pay for advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising may be a good option to run alongside your SEO activity.

When done well, SEO activity can drive plenty of organic searches to your website in a much cheaper fashion. However, new businesses who are just starting up for example, may find themselves having a hard time getting started with SEO and driving in results quickly, but PPC and other paid advertising for that matter, can definitely set you off on the right foot and give your business the boost it needs.

The difference between SEO and PPC

The biggest difference between SEO and PPC is that SEO generates organic results where as PPC results will be paid for.

The main benefits of PPC

The benefits of PPC include the following:

  • Users will be able to see your advertisement before any SEO generated search results. A total of four PPC adverts on a PC and three on a smart device will appear before any SEO placed results meaning your business will stand out above the crowd.
  • You will have more control over what your advertisement contains meaning you can push through key messages easier than with SEO.
  • The likes of Google provide you with the option to add images to your advert – this means you will be able to add product images which can really support and enhance marketing for new product launches etc.
  • It can also increase brand visibility which as mentioned before could be an extremely useful tool to new businesses or anyone who is launching products, re-branding or making a comeback on to the market.
  • Your adverts can be strategically placed to meet specific business needs.
  • It’s low cost to run and you can set a budget to ensure you don’t over spend.
  • Instant results unlike SEO.

Disadvantages of PPC include:

  • It can be expensive considering SEO is free however, you can make it work for your business by setting a budget on the campaign.
  • PPC requires investment and monitoring to ensure it is optimised correctly, so you need to have the time or someone available to dedicate time to ensure this is completed fully and monitored effectively.
  • You can end up with a bidding war between competitors

As you already know the benefits of SEO from our previous blog articles, it’s clear to see that you definitely need to run SEO as standard but PPC is optional. However, running both alongside each other can increase traffic on your website and sales quicker by working in partnership together.

Benefits of using PPC and SEO together include:

  • Keyword and conversion data from PPC can be integrated into organic searches alongside SEO.
  • Increase customer confidence by having both organic and paid for results sat alongside each other when your SEO and PPC listings appear twice on the same page if set up effectively.
  • You can target customers at all sages of the buying journey.
  • You can stay in front of your audience at all times whether you are re-marketing, launching a new business or product or even just making your customers aware you’re still there and ahead of other competitors where possible.
  • Stronger ability to test your keyword strategy in PPC before deciding on your SEO strategy as PPC will deliver reports with specific information on which can help you tenfold.

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Author: Lisa Scott

Lisa works alongside the team to provide social media management, copywriting, training assistance and general account management for onefoursix and their clients.

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