Alfes Cause Cheque

A year of Lunch and Learn

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Last Thursday (15th December) we signed off a year of Lunch and Learn with our very festive Christmas event. Held at the soon to be opened Dapper House, the event saw 20 local business owners and marketeers come together to network and share some festive cheer. For those who don’t know, we came up with our Lunch and Learn concept …

Challenges of Marketing

The challenges of marketing my business – Dani at Wellingborough Wills

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We love to feature blogs from people we know and work with. Dani Spence, from Wellingborough Wills, has written up a fantastic piece about the challenges of marketing her business. If you’d like to write a guest blog and get some additional exposure for your business, please email me: [email protected] My business Marketing can be one of the biggest challenges …

Calls To Action

What are “Calls To Action” and why should your marketing have them?

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You may have heard the term “call to action” before, commonly abbreviated as “CTA”, but do you understand what it is and why it’s so important when marketing your business? In this blog we’ll explore what a call to action is and why you need to include effective CTA’s to help generate click-throughs, downloads, signups and enquiries. Of all the …

Northampton Chamber of Commerce Event

The benefits of being members of the Chamber of Commerce

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As marketeers, we don’t just look at online opportunities for businesses to market themselves. Offline marketing such as networking is essential for most businesses. So earlier this year we decided to join the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce. Our journey with the Chamber of Commerce began over the summer of 2016. We were kindly invited along to one of the “maximise …

SEO Optimisation

The Basics of SEO: Optimising Content on Your Website

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If you’re a business owner with a website you may have heard of, or read about, optimising content on your website. What exactly does that mean and why is it important? We’ll explore some of this terminology and explain the importance of content on websites and what to do with it, to give your business more chance of being found …

Promoting Your Website

Promoting Your Website

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To business owners, it might feel like the hard work of actually creating a website is the biggest hurdle on their way to developing and implementing their digital marketing strategy. I would absolutely advocate that your website is the digital hub of everything you do, but to web designers and marketers, creating a new website is probably the easy bit. …

What are Twitter Cards and how do you use them?

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If you’re now a regular business Tweeter, you’ll want to explore all the functionality that Twitter has to offer, so that you can help drive more traffic to your website. Whilst general tweeting helps to raise your profile, you should be including calls to action, to encourage your followers to do something on the back of the content you post. …

Digital marketing content made easy: Use Canva!

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If you’ve never heard of Canva, this blog post can be your introduction. Canva is a free tool that helps to create beautiful designs, perfect for content marketing on your website and on social media. It means you don’t have to invest heavily in expensive Adobe software in order to create visually appealing imagery and design, and Canva is much …

The onefoursix Lunch and Learn graphic

What do businesses gain from attending our Lunch and Learn events? A mid-year review.

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We’ve run numerous Lunch and Learn events in 2016 in both Northampton and our most recent location, Bedford! So what exactly do our Lunch and Learners get from attending our marketing lunches? Apart from lunch… and how can we improve our events? Our upcoming Lunch and Learn events are about getting more from your website and managing more effective email …