Increasing your email subscribers via social media

Increasing your email subscribers via social media

With the new GDPR rules and regulations in place you may have lost a lot of customer information due to the way it was originally received or the fact you don’t have a way to trace it back to where you got it from in the first place.

We understand how hard losing that data is and we have come up with some simple tips on increasing the number of email subscribers via social media.


Links to your website

Use social media as the main source to drive people to your website. Run competitions from your website, write blogs that really sell to the eyes of your readers.

Once they are on your website you can add pop ups to sell ins to your e-newsletters which will in turn increase your return on investment (ROI). However make sure you have a positive opt-in to a newsletter when asking for people to sign up, and ensure your Privacy Policy is displayed. Last thing you want to do is collect email marketing data, and realise even that isn’t GDPR compliant.



Write blogs that draw attention to your website. You want to create catchy, innovative and real content that will get your readers returning to your website over and over again. Not only will this increase your reputation, but it will make your audience trust you if they are aware you understand what you are talking about – therefore, they will be more likely to sign up for your promotional information.



Facebook polls are often fairly short, and you can’t really run the best campaign using the in-software tool. Therefore, why not create a poll or even a questionnaire on your website that will drive your audience from a social media question for example: ‘What’s your favourite meal to cook? Click here to tell us…’ Then, ask them to answer other question on your website – this will also help you to gain invaluable information and data about your audience that Facebook and Twitter analytics can’t give you.

At this point you can then implement sign up forms and pop up banners so that people become subscribers to your email campaigns.



Run competitions on social media to draw your audience back to the website again. Get them to fill out forms where you can ask for their permission to send them information. Competitions generate a huge pull and will get a large number of people signing up to newsletters, especially if you are giving away something fairly substantial. Again, make sure you include a positive opt in!


Offers or coupons

Offers are a funny one. Under GDPR you cannot ONLY offer out an offer if people sign up to your mailing list. However you can encourage them to sign up.

People are always looking for 5, 10 or even 20 per cent off and if you offer it to them on social media, and then encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, the chances are you’ll not only gain business, but you will gain more contacts on your newsletter lists.

Like you, we also had to become GDPR compliant. We did this by deleting a LOT of email marketing data, and by setting up processes to increase our GDPR compliant email data moving forwards. It is possible. If you would like to know how we do it, you can contact the team here.

Author: Dave Williams

Dave Williams is the founder and director of onefoursix; a digital marketing agency based in Northampton. After setting up onefoursix in 2011, Dave has gone on to grow it to one of Northampton’s finest agencies. His expertise include social media, user experience and SEO.

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