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How to research and plan your blog content

In our latest blog, find out how researching and planning blog content will help keep you writing valuable content..

Coming up with a blog strategy for your business is always going to be a tough job because everything in industry changes so quickly sometimes that it takes someone dedicated to keep you up to date with your social media and that includes blogging.

Finding relevant topics for your blog is usually the hardest job because when the market moves, you have no choice but to move with it however, finding topics and trends can be easier than you think.

Our tips will help you develop your strategy and deliver it with ease.


Being organised

Plan ahead for the year – are there events taking place that you can write about? Are you launching any new services or products?

The content marketing institute state that ‘of those who have documented strategy 60 per cent consider their organisation to be effective.’ Showing how important it is to ensure you are following the right path.

Talk to the publications that you usually publish your advertisements in, they usually have a forward features planner that can help you to establish what trends are up and coming in the market and from your competitors.

Create a content planner for the year and fill in those gaps with the information you have gathered from the above actions and you will have some solid planning for the year. This will leave some gaps but that allows you to be ahead of the game whilst being flexible enough to add in content where sporadic changes may appear in the media/ market.


Add some goals

Once you have made your planner and looked at the current trends in the market for the year ahead, add some goals. Weather you want to lead the market or just simply stay where you are and generate more business, setting goals will help you achieve whatever targets you need to meet.

Think about the steps you want to take to achieve the targets which are set by the company. We recommend using four SMART goals here which you can adapt each quarter to fit into the current business needs.


Share ideas

Make sure you are speaking to other colleagues about this, people who are closer to the ground, who speak to customers and the media usually have good ideas about what can be achieved and the best direction to go in.

Discuss your ideas too with colleagues and make sure you are open to changing your ideas to create a better, stronger strategy that meets the business needs at all levels not just yours.


Topic ideas

Once you have come up with the yearly plan create a calendar and start to add in topics where possible.

Start by adding in the full description into the calendar and then come up with short and snappy key words that you can later make into titles – this will save you and colleagues time in the long run when creating content ready for deadlines.

Think about the steps you want to take to achieve the targets which are set by the company. We recommend using SMART goals here which you can adapt each quarter to fit into the current business needs.


Know your audience

If you are targeting a particular audience then this could be easier for you than someone who has no idea what their demographic is.

If you are using publications, a quick tip is to check out their website as they have vast amounts of information about their demographics, this will give you some idea of how to position yourselves.

Another option is to check your social media hits. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great at providing clear reports which helps you to break down and analyse your audience. It is great for seeing who is really interested in your content, what is most popular and with who.


Build your content

Once you have take our steps above you are now ready to start delivering content for your business. Taking small steps at the beginning such as creating a content calendar will enable you to be ahead of the game all year.

We have a team of bloggers and outreach marketers for both general marketing purposes and SEO. Click to contact us if blogging really is beyond you.

Author: Dave Williams

Dave Williams is the founder and director of onefoursix; a digital marketing agency based in Northampton. After setting up onefoursix in 2011, Dave has gone on to grow it to one of Northampton’s finest agencies. His expertise include social media, user experience and SEO.

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