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our team of bloggers are experienced writers in an array of industries.


our blogging service will help you educate and inform your readers, whilst having a positive effect on your Google rankings.

Blogging is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your industry. The problem with blogging is generating ideas for content and finding the time to write good quality content. That’s where we can help.

Our copy team create blogs all day, every day, for a host of industries. The art of a good blog is to entice readers to take an interest in your business. We use language and tone of voice that helps get your business noticed.

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so, how do we blog for your business?

Blogging is a bit like storytelling. It should hook the reader. It starts with an intriguing introduction, gets in to the crux of the detail and concludes full circle.

The purpose of blogging in your business is to give your existing customers, and your potential new customers, something interesting and useful that they can apply in their lives; something that perhaps they didn’t know. Blogging helps to give personality to your business – to share insight in to the daily life at your business. It helps customers understand the type of business that they are buying from.

We get to know your business – whether you’re laid back or corporate, as that dictates the type of language that would be used in a blog. We do our research about your business and your marketplace and then we agree blog topics with you, and create blogs. If we’re given the ability to post to your website, we’ll upload them for you.

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we plan, write and review

We’ll plan your content topics, create the articles, review them with you and post them to your website and social profiles.

We’ll work with you to understand your business and the culture of the workplace, so that we can gear the language and the topics around something that showcases your business as an expert in your field.

We’ll do our research on your marketplace to source the most talked-about topics. We’ll then create our own content in a language pertinent to your business, that enriches the lives of your customers.

There might be some key points in the blog that we need your expertise on. We’ll review the content of the blog with you and make any tweaks required. We can then post the blog on your website for you.


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we create engaging visuals

A good blog needs engaging visuals to help attract your reader’s attention.

Our design team can create engaging visuals for your business and our in-house photographer can visit your place of work to get images of you, your business and your product.

Design visuals work brilliantly with PR campaigns – whether those campaigns are online or in print.

why use onefoursix for your blogging writing

  • experience writing for a variety of industries
  • we get your blog noticed
  • we understand the benefits for SEO
  • we have access to an experienced copywriter and proofreader
  • experience in PR
  • collaborate with PR agencies
  • we create engaging visuals


We can market your business on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, posting engaging content and interacting with your target market to help build engagement with your brand and generate new leads.

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Google Adwords is a quick and easy way to get yourself to the top of Google search, whilst only paying when someone clicks on your ad. Campaigns are available on either the search or display network.

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Email marketing is still a great way to share rich content with your existing customers about your business and an easy way to market your products and services to new customers. We can create engaging email content and manage sign-ups.

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Our full range of marketing services range from creative design, to web design and photography. Discover more about what we do here at onefoursix, and let us help you get noticed.

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