How to make better use of your LinkedIn company profile

Getting the most out of your LinkedIn company profile is essential to building your reputation and putting yourself on the map to a network of corporate connections.

We’ve put together some simple tactics on getting your profile a head above the others.

Complete the profile

This step is simple, short and sweet – make sure you complete your profile to the 100 per cent verified section, you can ensure you have no gaps and no areas of information left for your profile visitors to search for.

It’s all about location

Next year it’s set to be all about location in every digital field and LinkedIn is no exception. Putting yourself on the LinkedIn map will allow you to show up in relevant searches for your area and will bring the best business to your door. Including candidates, networking opportunities and other businesses who may be looking to use your services.

Use a great headline

Your company LinkedIn headline is possibly one of the most important and eye catching parts on your profile. This headline gives you the opportunity to hook other LinkedIn users to your profile while allowing your to choose some key words which will allow you to be found easily by people who may be searching for you or a company in the same field as you. Think carefully about what message your company wants to say and include what you do rather than who you are. Make sure your headline is unforgettable and gives you recognition when someone visits your page.

Keep it brief

Make sure you update your profile regularly but keep it brief, people working in a business environment often don’t have all the time in the world to read a really detailed post however, short and snappy snippets of information are always handy on the go and could really get your business noticed.

Use visuals

It’s important to get noticed by using visuals, we know LinkedIn is for businesses but you still want to make things look pretty so that you get seen and heard. This can be either video or image, with video taking up nearly 80% of the content we see on LinkedIn these days, it’s a no brainer where you should take your efforts this new year.


We understand this is easier said than done but asking users to comment, like or share is really important to getting yourself seen and heard on LinkedIn. It also gives you a good idea of what information people respond well to and what they don’t along with who your target audience is as you will be able to run reports which LinkedIn provide to analyse the information you are pushing out over this social network. Optimising your page is a great way to make sure your heading in the right direction.

Share your personality

LinkedIn is certainly a professional network rather than a social one however, it is still important to share your companies’ culture and personality too – share your behind the scenes footage and enable your audience to see the faces behind your business. A great place to start is with your sales team or someone who works in customer service that speaks to customers on a daily basis.

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Author: Lisa Scott

Lisa works alongside the team to provide social media management, copywriting, training assistance and general account management for onefoursix and their clients.

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