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Next time you need something printing, whether it is a set of business cards of a presentation folder, have a think about how you could get a little more from your print finish. Most businesses are happy with a standard silk or gloss finish, however with so many options of finish now available, it is essential that you at least explore the ones that could work better for you. The difference between a standard finish and a high-end finish could be the difference between you standing out above one of your competitors. So give yourself the edge and start to LOVE your print again.

Here are just a few of our ideas for some top print finishes:

  1. Matt Lamination – this is becoming more and more the norm. Matt lamination applies a thin and clear lamination to the printed material, giving it a superb matt finish and holding it together that little bit better. At onefoursix, we rarely print small order items that do not have some sort of matt lamination. If you are ordering business cards, as a minimum this is a must!
  2. Soft Touch Matt Lamination – if a matt laminated finish is a jester, then a soft touch matt laminated finish is a King. Applied in the same way as the standard matt lamination, soft touch applies a more velvety feel. It gives the holder an unexpected and very noticeable feel. If you have had the pleasure of holding our onefoursix business cards you will notice that these are coated in a soft touch matt lamination. Pure luxury!
  3. Spot UV – as the name suggests, spot UV is the process of applying gloss to select areas of a printed material. It works particularly well at drawing the attention to a specific part of a logo or graphic. You could go one step further and use 3D spot UV. 3D spot UV goes one step further than the standard spot UV by creating a raised (3D) UV effect. If you have had the pleasure of holding one of our onefoursix business cards you will see just how different this is. Top tip – if you want to be SUPER creative, use the spot UV to highlight a graphic on a plain background.
  4. Letterpress – a blast from the past, and a process which is making a hot comeback right now. If you own a more ‘vintage’ or ‘alternative’ brand you may wish to consider using a letterpress. Letterpress printing has been around for centuries, although the machinery used has been modernised since then. Usually using a thicker stock of paper (for example: 600gsm) letterpress printing can apply a debossed effect as well as print to the paper. The thicker stock is used to account for the debossing. This sort of print finish is on trend right now with those who prefer a more retro feel.
  5. Die Cut – if you have ever seen someone with a business card cut into all different shapes and sizes, it has been die cut. A die cut business card, for example, can get you noticed with a very unique print finish. Example: If you run a car sales business you could get yourself noticed with car shaped business cards. How cool would that be?!

Above are just 5 top ways to get more from your print. So next time you are getting a set of business cards or leaflets printed (even if it is not through onefoursix *hint hint*) remember to explore all options. A quality print finish is well worth the investment.

onefoursix are a Northampton based print broker, design agency, web builders and marketing experts. If you would like help with your print you can contact the team by clicking here, or by calling 01604 779035.

Author: Dave Williams

Dave Williams is the founder and director of onefoursix; a digital marketing agency based in Northampton. After setting up onefoursix in 2011, Dave has gone on to grow it to one of Northampton’s finest agencies. His expertise include social media, user experience and SEO.

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