A checklist for your new website (pre-launch)

Setting up a new website for your business is an exciting process and one which should give you a competitive edge against your competitors whilst getting you noticed by your target audiences.

We’ve all been there, hovering our mouse over the all-important ‘launch page’ button which will allow the world to see who we are and what we do all in one place so making sure it’s perfect is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Web design is important but your launch is equally as exciting.

Before you click the launch button though, why not do one final check over by using this handy checklist which should give you an idea of what you’ve done and what you may have missed.

We’ve split these tasks up into three sections; pre-launch, during launch and post launch which should give you a starting point on what needs to be considered and when.


  • To get started make sure you select an appropriate platform to launch your website from. For absolute beginners, we recommend using WordPress as it is a lot simpler than using a custom made website package.
  • Register your domain name – WordPress and most website building packages will allow you to do this via a service they offer. Don’t forget to make sure that your URL name is simple and easy for people to remember – this will also score you brownie points when you come to have your website read by SEO crawlers.
  • Publish a coming soon page – this is to ensure that your target audience knows when you will be up and running. Keep a track of this and update your customers on any social media sites you may have that will link up to your website later down the line.
  • Test your sites usability – Once you have your pages set up with a clear navigation system it’s time to test your site for its usability. There are a few vital aspects of usability to consider including:
    • Readability
    • Does it work in various browsers?
    • Can people using mobile phones use it properly?
    • Will users know which links to click on and how to complete any call to actions required of them? Do they know how to log in if required etc
  • Optimise meta-descriptions and taglines – keep these descriptions short and sweet to ensure your audience can remember the information and website crawlers score you highly.

Follow our next blog for information on what to do during and post your website launch campaign.

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Author: Lisa Scott

Lisa works alongside the team to provide social media management, copywriting, training assistance and general account management for onefoursix and their clients.

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