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The Yoast SEO Bulk Editor – a Time-Saver!

In a previous blog post, we talked through the basics of using Yoast SEO to help optimise your web pages and blog posts for SEO. In this post, we’ll talk about using the Yoast SEO bulk editor tool to help you save time if you have numerous page titles and meta descriptions to edit.

If you have a WordPress website, you can use Yoast SEO to optimise your web pages. You can set SEO titles for your pages, edit meta descriptions, set up default titles and use the traffic light system to analyse how well written your content is. However, if you have a lot of pages it can be time-consuming editing lots of page titles and meta descriptions. There is an easier way. The Yoast SEO bulk editor tool allows you to edit multiple page titles and meta descriptions, without opening up each individual web page.

Where to find the Yoast SEO bulk editor tool

Login to your WordPress website and hover over the “SEO” option on the left-hand side of your toolbar. You’ll see the option to click on “Tools”.

Yoast SEO Tools

Once you’ve clicked on Tools, you’ll get the following screen appear and you need to click on the “Bulk Editor”:

Yoast SEO Bulk Editor

How to edit page titles

If you’ve set up default page titles in Yoast, you should see some of these page titles appear in the “Existing Yoast SEO Title” box for some or all of your pages, depending on what each of your pages are for. Next to the existing Yoast title box, you’ll see an empty box. If you wish to add a title for a page that currently doesn’t have a title, or amend an existing title you can do that right here. Remember to use separator characters for good practice. For example: “How to write really good blogs | onefoursix”. The use of the line character as a separator (or any other character, take your pick) helps you to title your web pages and provide information about your website that might be useful to potential searchers on Google or other search engines.

Change Yoast Titles

You can also bulk edit meta descriptions

Along with bulk editing page titles, you can also bulk edit meta descriptions as well. Meta descriptions are useful snippet information about the web page. Meta descriptions are the 1-2 lines of information that appear below the page title. Whilst the words used in a meta description don’t necessarily have a direct impact on search engine rankings, the content might help a browser decide which search result is relevant to their query. In the Bulk editor tool, find the top tab which says “Titles” and next to it you will find “Meta Descriptions”. Click on Meta Descriptions and you’ll be able to edit these in bulk. Just remember that you do have a finite character limit if you want all of the information to display in search results. You should be ok with a couple of short sentences.

Yoast SEO Meta Description

Follow the same steps as above to edit meta descriptions. Just remember to click on “save” as you go. You can then check in each of the pages to see the updated titles and meta descriptions. You won’t be able to access the traffic light information through the bulk editor. Once you are back editing each individual page, you’ll get the traffic light information again.

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Author: Tom Jullings

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