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What are Twitter Cards and how do you use them?

If you’re now a regular business Tweeter, you’ll want to explore all the functionality that Twitter has to offer, so that you can help drive more traffic to your website. Whilst general tweeting helps to raise your profile, you should be including calls to action, to encourage your followers to do something on the back of the content you post. That’s where Twitter Cards can be powerful allies, expanding your content beyond the limits of those 140 characters.

What are Twitter cards?

A Twitter Card is a media-rich Tweet. It’s typically a photo, a video, a web link, a sign-up button, or an app download button, that helps a Tweet expand beyond the limits of the 140 characters. If you’ve ever clicked on one of those links, or a YouTube video then the likelihood is that you’ve already come in to contact with Twitter Cards. The benefit of having Twitter Cards set up correctly is that whenever your web link is posted on to Twitter by a user, a card will show up within that Tweet.

What things can media-rich Twitter Cards encourage people to do?

• Visit your website
• View a video within Twitter
• Sign up to your email newsletter
• Visit landing pages
• Download a specific app

All of these experiences can be had directly within Twitter, without the need to navigate away from Twitter.

How do you set them up?

This is where it gets a little bit tricky, but with a bit of know-how, it’s relatively simple. The short answer is that they need to be set up with the appropriate meta-description information on the back-end of your website. You’ve probably got 3 options:

• If you use WordPress, you can install a variety of plugins that make it easy to include all your social profiles. In Yoast SEO, navigate to the Social section, add your profiles and on the Twitter tab, enable Twitter cards. Easy.
• If you don’t use WordPress, you’ll need to input some code. Twitter give you some instructions on how to do this but you’ll need to be comfortable with coding. Their guide is a useful start:
• Get some help from us!


Twitter Cards can help give your users an expansive Twitter experience, enabling your business to make use of all manner of media. You’ll be able to get your users interacting with your content and hopefully generate more leads and enquiries about your services.

Give it a try and if you need some help setting them up, get in touch with the team on 01604 779035.

Author: Tom Jullings

I work with clients to improve the digital marketing experience they present to their customers – from web design and SEO to outreach marketing and social media.

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