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Social media campaigns in the dental industry

Dental practices with social media presence are probably aware that drumming on with repetitive and dull sales campaigns through social media is a waste of time, effort and money. Instead it’s far more practical to push efforts towards the production of great content that can drive campaigns of high value to your followers. Here are 7 top tips for great social media campaigns in the dental industry:

  1. The power of blog writing

Do not underestimate the power of writing a blog for your dental practice. It sounds easy, but good blog writing is an art in itself, and something that is unique to the culture of your practice. It helps your practice to demonstrate how relevant and current it is in a competitive environment. Blog writing is not an extended and elongated sales pitch, but an opportunity for your readers to gain some knowledge and insight about your topic – so make it interesting and engaging and they’ll likely be looking to you when they need some information about a topic related to your business.

  1. Be an expert in your industry

Your social followers are far more likely to take an interest in your practice if you have lots of really valuable content to share with them. Share tips, advice and give away as much free stuff as you can afford to give. The purpose is to build a relationship with your clients so that they can trust what your practice is about and rely on you when they are looking for treatment or a specific product.

  1. Create campaigns that continually entice your followers

A marketing campaign is meant to entice your potential clients to take an interest in your practice. Whether your practice has an objective to sell more products it brings in, to attract new patients, or to upsell services your practice offers to existing patients, the marketing messages must be compelling; highlight the benefits of healthy looking teeth and the confidence that brings; discuss the life-changing effects of straighter teeth; or the impact of good products for whiter smiles. The purpose is to create messages that resonate with your audience and build a trust in your ability to deliver an excellent service that meets the needs of your patients.

  1. Post your content at the right times to the right places

Creating social media content is good, but only valuable if your audiences can see it. That means you need to be posting content at the right times and to the right places and interacting with the right content on social media channels at the right times. For example, social media analysis will show you that posting content to Twitter at around 7am gives you more opportunity of it being seen, and likewise posting to Facebook at 8pm gives your practice more opportunity for your content to be seen.

  1. Get the balance between sales and information just right

Nothing will annoy your patients more than content that is purely sales talk. It’s important to get the balance right between selling the products and services you offer, with content that is giving something back and that your social followers can engage with. Signpost useful articles and topics, interact with current trends, and engage with content that is relevant to your practice. This helps your practice become a hub in the dental industry and a trusted source of information and free advice.

  1. Use your patients’ great experiences with your practice to your advantage

Testimonials can be incredibly powerful for your practice. Engage with your patients so that they feel comfortable showing off their before and after photos. This is a fantastic way for your potential clients to see the benefits that they can get and how achievable it is for them. It’s something that is easily relatable. And be creative with the content – get video testimonials or see if your patients would be happy to keep a diary with a few notes regarding their experience of your practice.

  1. Manage regular themes

Have a plan for your social media content. Don’t make your content random. Plan your content in advance by thinking through the key messages on a daily or weekly basis. For example, perhaps Monday is a ‘testimonial day’ so that you post a testimonial on social media from one of your patients; Tuesday is ‘blog day’ so that you have something on a specific topic that is of interest; and Wednesday becomes ‘offer of the month day’ where you talk about a specific product or treatment. Your patients will begin to welcome the regularity of your content and messages will resonate.

onefoursix specialise in bespoke marketing campaigns for the dental industry. Our most recent client has seen a steady increase since we started working with them just over a year ago. During their most recent review, we identified that they had achieved 4 times the amount of new patients since we started working with them.

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Author: Tom Jullings

I work with clients to improve the digital marketing experience they present to their customers – from web design and SEO to outreach marketing and social media.

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