SEO: White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat – tactics to avoid

You may have seen the words ‘White Grey or Black Hat’ branded across many SEO sites and initially be wondering what on earth each term means. Well, we are here to explain just that and give you some important tips on how you can improve your search results without breaking the crucial SEO rules.

White Hat

Following ‘White Hat’ tactics is the best route to follow as it ensures that you are fully compliant with what search engines are looking for and this will only improve returned results.

Grey Hat

Although difficult to define, Grey Hat in simple terms, is the techniques or tactics used by website operators which may be inaccurate or contrast with search engine optimisation guidelines. It is also a benchmark for users to use so that they can use techniques and tactics that do not break the crucial SEO rules and regulations.

Ensuring you avoid Grey Hat tactics will allow you to build and improve your site’s rankings without negative consequences which could have a negative impact on your flow of website traffic.

So…Grey Hat is the middle man, and is riskier than white hat but not quite as risky as black hat.

Black Hat

‘Black Hat’ as you can only imagine is the term used for website owners to get higher search rankings but usually owners will be breaking search engine rules. Avoid using any ‘Black Hat’ tactics at all costs as this could be detrimental to your site and using these techniques may even get you black listed from SEO sites altogether which will have a hugely negative impact on site traffic.

Keep in the loop

With ever changing SEO rules and search engine algorithms, you need to keep yourself well informed on any changes which search engine sites may have.

There are plenty of blogs which will help you to keep your ear to the ground including ours, but this will also allow you to learn about the changes and not just be notified about them. Follow these experts and we are sure your SEO knowledge will increase massively.

Search Engine Journal – This is a website dedicated to SEO changes and is a good one to keep your eye on for an easy overview.

Marketing Land – This website and blog offers you an entire page dedicated solely to search marketing efforts. It also includes tools to new key word search methods.

MozBlog – This is potentially one of the most popular and there is a lot of reliable content at your fingertips. Not only does MozBlog include recent changes but it also predicts what may come next which helps massively when trying to deliver a marketing strategy.

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Author: Lisa Scott

Lisa works alongside the team to provide social media management, copywriting, training assistance and general account management for onefoursix and their clients.

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