How to change your WordPress password in phpMyAdmin

We are asked how to change your WordPress password in phpMyAdmin. It is not uncommon for someone to forget their WordPress password. When this happens, you can simply click “Lost Password” on the login screen. However we have had instances of people not remembering their username and/or losing access to the email address registered against the user. In this instance the only way you can change the password is within phpMyAdmin.

In this video, we guide you through to change your WordPress password in phpMyAdmin. Firstly, you will need access to your hosting, your file manager and phpMyAdmin. With our handy guide, you will be changing your password in no time.

  1. First thing you need to do is to access your File Manager. This will be found within your web host’s control panel.
  2. Once in the File Manager, you need to find your wp-config file. This will contain details of your database name, database user name and database password. This file is contained within the public_html folder. You should be able to download this and/or view it in a text editor programme.
  3. When you have all those details, you will need to open phpMyAdmin. The reason for step 2 is some hosts will ask you to login to phpMyAdmin. Our web host does not, however if you do need to login, you will need the details of the database name, user name and password.
  4. Once in phpMyAdmin, click on the ‘database’ tab at the top. This will show you either one or numerous databases within your site. Using the database name you obtained from the wp-config file, click on the relevant database.
  5. You will now see a list of tables. Navigate and click on ‘wp-users’. This will show you the list of users for your WordPress website.
  6. Click edit next to the user you wish to change the password for. You will now be able to change the WordPress password in the value box next to ‘user_pass’. Please ensure that you click on the down arrow under function and change it to MD5. This will mask the password. Click GO!
  7. Within this page you will also be able to change the user name and email associated with the WordPress site.
  8. Jump over to your login screen – usually /wp-admin (unless this has been changed). You will now be able to login using your new username/password.

If you have any questions you can contact our web design team by clicking here and filling in the form. I hope this helped you to change your WordPress password in phpMyAdmin.

Author: Dave Williams

Dave Williams is the founder and director of onefoursix; a digital marketing agency based in Northampton. After setting up onefoursix in 2011, Dave has gone on to grow it to one of Northampton’s finest agencies. His expertise include social media, user experience and SEO.

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