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Is my Google image safe to use?

Finding images that you can legitimately use online for your business, whether it be content on your website or an image on your blog, is continually a sticking point for a lot of businesses.

We have heard of horror stories whereby the powers that be have noticed that one of their images is being used on a website, and have gone demanding money for the privilege. It is certainly not a situation you want to be in so be careful what you use.

Don’t panic!

However don’t panic! There are images out there that you can use without being chased for money further down the line.

Our tip for finding licence free Google images

Trawling Google for images is where most people get themselves into a pickle. However with a simple change to the search criteria you can be searching on images that are licence free, even commercially.

  • When you do your search for an image on Google, click on the cog in the top right hand corner of the browser.
  • Click on ‘Advanced Search‘.
  • Here you will be able to search on all sorts; from the image size (great for finding a high resolution image for print) right through to image rights.
  • Navigate down to the usage rights.
  • By using the drop down menu you can sort through images that are free to use, share and modify, even commercially.

It is as simple as that! Now you know you are safe sharing images online next time you are sourcing something visual for your blog.

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Author: Dave Williams

Dave Williams is the founder and director of onefoursix; a digital marketing agency based in Northampton. After setting up onefoursix in 2011, Dave has gone on to grow it to one of Northampton’s finest agencies. His expertise include social media, user experience and SEO.

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