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A Hootsuite Update

We reported a week or two back that unfortunately Hootsuite was not working as it should! To sum things up, the geo-located searches that are available via Hootsuite were not bringing up all of the tweets that they should be bringing up. A simple search on certain key words identified that in fact over 90% of tweets that should appear, were in fact not appearing.

So what do Hootsuite have to say about this issue:

“After extensive investigation with our Development Team, we’ve been able to find that the discrepancies are indeed a result of geo-located queries. We have verified that Twitter’s native search defaults to Twitter profile location as a proxy for post location when an appended location is not available.

Our Development has confirmed that there were no changes in our code or the API call that we request for our search stream data.

We have logged a ticket with Twitter to advise them that their API search does not fall back on Twitter profile location as a proxy like native Twitter search which is resulting in missing tweets in our Hootsuite streams.”


In the mean time we would recommend switching to Tweetdeck for any of those geo-located searches. It works just brilliantly!

Author: Dave Williams

Dave Williams is the founder and director of onefoursix; a digital marketing agency based in Northampton. After setting up onefoursix in 2011, Dave has gone on to grow it to one of Northampton’s finest agencies. His expertise include social media, user experience and SEO.

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