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Tool Review: We take a look at Edgar

If you’re in the habit of regularly posting good quality content to your social media channels, then hoorah, pat on the back; however, if you’ve yet to really get in to the habit of marketing your business through social media, perhaps you need a little help. That is where a brilliant tool, called Edgar, comes in.

Edgar is a web-based social media-scheduling tool. Its key functionality is the ability to create content libraries for different social media topics. And you can then decide when you would like Edgar to post content from your libraries to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Lets assume, for example, that you are the business owner of a clothes shop. Your marketing strategy is very visual and social media is a great way to inspire potential buyers. Along with marketing your products it’s also good practice to ensure you are sharing a selection of content with social followers about other topics – fashion trends, hints and tips, blog articles, and general social engagement. Edgar enables you to create a library of content for each of those relevant topics. You can then decide when you would like that content to be posted, and to where. You might decide that Mondays are a great day to share blog articles, that Wednesdays are all about hints and tips and that you want to share the latest fashion trends on Fridays. The weekends are the best time to share your latest and greatest jeans, leggings and jeggings. Edgar gives you the ability to build up a content library that you can share.

And what’s more, Edgar will continually shuffle through your content library posting content on to your social media channels, on your designated day, forever. Lets take the clothes shop analogy again. You’re planning your winter marketing campaign, and you know that for the next 3 months you will have 10 winter outfits that you are planning to promote. With Edgar, you could create a content library called “Winter Campaign” and in that content library you could create a Facebook post for each of those 10 outfits, each with their own message or slogan. You might decide to share that post on Facebook every 3 days. After 30 days, each of those posts will have been shared to the Facebook profile. Where Edgar is clever is that it will continually shuffle through those 10 Facebook posts every 3 days until you tell it otherwise. You save time because you do not need to continually schedule the same content on to Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn.

But why would you want to continually post the same messages on to your social media channels? Well, it’s simple – only a tiny fraction of your engaged followers (i.e the people you like you or who follow you) will see your message. Facebook organic reach is as low as 4%. Doing the simple maths, you’d need to post the same message at least 25 times before everyone has seen it. “Edgar helps you get more value out of every post.”

There’s a lot more functionality that Edgar offers. I’d encourage you to take a look http://bit.ly/21xDUoi. It’s a brilliant time-saving tool and helps business owners to plan out their social media marketing campaigns.

Author: Tom Jullings

I work with clients to improve the digital marketing experience they present to their customers – from web design and SEO to outreach marketing and social media.

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