the importance of nap for local seo

The Importance of NAP in Local SEO

NAP is an abbreviation for Name, Address, Phone Number. It is vitally important information about your business and ensuring that the information is consistent can help your local SEO search rankings. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of NAP in local SEO and what you can do about keeping your business information consistent.

Why is NAP important?

NAP is particularly important in local SEO search for businesses who are very location-specific. Businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hairdressers and dentists for example. Those businesses are location-specific on the basis that you have a catchment area as your target market. So, when someone in your catchment area searches for your services, you want to appear in local search. That will give you a better chance of that potential customer contacting you.

Whilst there are a number of factors impacting local SEO search (Candidsky has a great resource of all local ranking factors), consistent NAP information is one of the most important factors, according to a Moz study.

What can you do to ensure consistency?

Firstly, make sure you have information cited correctly on your website and anywhere that your business information appears. Places like your Google My Business page and your Facebook page should have your information listed consistently. You should cite your business name consistently and not use variations of your business name. Only use abbreviations of your business name if you use that terminology consistently. Choose whether you will refer to your business name with “ltd” in the business name title or and be consistent with the approach. You should use one version of your business address, not multiple variations. If you wish to use a landline phone number, keep that phone number listed as the only phone number and don’t use other phone numbers listed elsewhere, like mobile phone numbers.

Business Listings

Once you have decided on the information that you will use consistently, you should begin the process of building citations. Google uses citations of your business name to build a picture of how trustworthy your business is. The more trustworthy it is perceived to be, the greater chance there is of your business ranking in local search. You can build citations by using business directories to list your business information. There are a number of trusted local directory services, but you can include places like Facebook as a directory listing. Do some research on local directories and list your business on as many as possible.

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Author: Tom Jullings

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