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Forget about social media until the fundamentals of your business are in place

It’s been recently reported that 7 million people in Britain feel depressed when looking at the lives of their friends on social media. I think that statistic in itself is pretty depressing. Social media is such an encompassing part of our lives these days that it’s easy to forget there was a time when you couldn’t check-in on Facebook, you couldn’t retweet and there was no such thing as Snapchat.

Social media for businesses

For some businesses, the advance of social media has opened up new avenues and opportunities. For other businesses it hasn’t really made much difference. Of course, most of that is dependent on whether the business lends itself to having an online presence. Regardless of the type of business, the basic fundamentals of a marketing strategy should be in place before any consideration of social media activity. What do we mean by the fundamentals of a marketing strategy?

Well, firstly, what are the goals for the business? If you’re not clear about what your business is trying to achieve how are you going to know when you experience success? Business goals can be flexible and will change naturally over time, but clarity about goals and targets is vital. When you are working in your business, be clear about the activities you and your staff are doing and how that activity contributes to the achievement of your business goals.

Defining your target market

Are you clear about your target market? You cannot implement a marketing plan or strategy without a good understanding of who exactly you are trying to sell your product or service to. Do your market research. See what your competitors are doing. If you can be clear about your target market you are better able to put yourself in to the shoes of that person and, then as a potential customer, ask yourself “what do I want from this product/service?” Which leads on to…

Do you really understand what your customers want? The purpose of your business is to sell your product or service. That means your product or service needs to entice your potential customers. And to entice your potential customers it must meet their needs. You should get your offering right before you invest time and effort in to marketing it.

The importance of customer experience

Get the customer experience right first. If the entire customer journey from sale to delivery and any associated aftercare isn’t working effectively, marketing that offering is only going to create problems and actually have a negative impact on your business brand. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room to make improvements to the customer journey over time, with better systems and processes, but you cannot effectively market a business that doesn’t have a functioning customer journey in place.


So, whilst social media can be an important delivery vehicle for your marketing plan, it’s more important to work on the fundamentals of your business first. Once you’ve got that in place marketing your business will come naturally, because you’ll find it easy to tell everyone how brilliant your business is.

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Author: Tom Jullings

I work with clients to improve the digital marketing experience they present to their customers – from web design and SEO to outreach marketing and social media.

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