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A HTML email signature is the blurb at the bottom of an email that might give some information about the person who has sent you an email, their job title and their contact details. It’s often fairly dry stuff, but when you consider how much email communication we send, isn’t that space below the main body of the message a perfect place to market some key business information?

It’s estimated that 269 billion emails are sent every day. That is an eye-watering amount of communication. It is also estimated that 50 per cent of it is spam. Assuming you use email communication as a form of contact with your target market, there’s a good patch of space below the main body of your email message to fill with some valuable content.

According to the Online Marketing Institute, it takes approximately 7 to 13 points of contact to make a sale. Therefore, you need to be creative with ways in which you can reinforce your brand with your potential customers. Creating a professional and engaging HTML email signature can help to attract attention to people you are engaging with via email communication. It can help to upsell your services, for example.

Here are 7 top tips to help make your HTML email signature stand out from the crowd, and help you capture interest and business leads.

1. Use brand colours and fonts

Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that your email signatures are on-brand. That means using your fonts and colour schemes in a signature design. Include your logo and perhaps a strapline about your business so that your recipients are reminded of who you are and what you do.

2. Include your social icons

Give your social channels an opportunity to be found. By including your social buttons on your email signatures you can help to generate some social traffic and increase your followers. You’ll probably want any social icons you use in your email signature to be coded so that they use space optimally.

3. Use a photo

Some people are on the fence with this one. We think, if used correctly, a professional headshot can help to break down the communication barriers that email poses. A friendly face can help to personalise email communication. Everyone loves a face to a name.

4. Use space to promote products and events

You’ve got a bit of space to use in your email signature. Why not promote a particular product or an event that you have going on? You could promote an offer of the month or a networking event that you are attending and generate conversation.

5. Use email signatures consistently in the company

We’d definitely recommend getting HTML email signatures produced all at the same time and by the same company. If you have a scenario where more than one member of staff is dealing with the same customer, it will look disjointed and unfamiliar if you have different email signatures for different staff.

6. Generate email newsletter signups

You already know that your customer is a recipient of email communication. So why not invite them to signup to your newsletter? Have a little icon encouraging them to sign up. Just don’t forget to give them a good reason. Freebies usually work well.

7. Keep business information simple

You don’t need to flood your email signatures with every bit of detail about your company, otherwise you’ll detract from the important messages. Basic contact information will suffice and one or two important points is enough to generate some interest and intrigue.

If you think an HTML email signature could help your company to generate more sales leads, give us a call on 01604 419776 or drop us a message below, and we can have a conversation.

Author: Tom Jullings

I work with clients to improve the digital marketing experience they present to their customers – from web design and SEO to outreach marketing and social media.

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