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What is PPC (Pay per Click)?

Having a website for your business is brilliant. But how do you get people to visit your website and make enquiries or buy something? This is where PPC (Pay Per Click) can benefit your business. PPC is a means of advertising your business on search engines, based on keywords that your potential customers are likely to search for on the likes of Google. We get your business noticed online through cost effective PPC advertising and content that drives clicks on to your website.

Based in the heart of Northampton, our team have over 25 years of collective experience creating landing pages that compliment your Pay Per Click ads campaign, designing copy that gets you noticed, and researching and implementing keywords that your customers search for.

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From Google Pay Per Click to Social Media Ad Campaigns and Remarketing

When it comes to PPC advertising we have a range of services that might be valuable to you. Depending on your business and target market we might be able to help you with: Google Search and Display Network Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Remarketing.

Our first step is a free consultation to determine exactly which service is right for you. We then carry out extensive research on keywords and target markets. We’ll also carry out a competitor analysis, and finally report back to you with a proposal including an estimation on budgets.

Click here or scroll down to view our 3 stage approach to Pay Per Click marketing.

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Google PPC to Social Media Ads
Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a quick and easy way to get yourself to the top of Google search, whilst only paying when someone clicks on your ad. Campaigns are available on either the search or display network. We can manage both.

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Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

According to Statista, there will be around 35.7 million social network users in the UK in 2017. Our ad campaigns can target specific markets based on interests and likes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Remarketing is a way to reconnect with someone who has recently visited your website. Remarketing via Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter can place specific display and text-based ads in front of an already interested party.

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are incredibly important. Landing pages allow your users to see content geared specifically around your advert. It also allows you to better track conversions. Click to view our web design services.

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Our 3 stage process


All of what we do starts with a plan. This is where we sit down and find out more about your business, and where PPC could help generate you more business.


First things first we need to find out how and why Pay Per Click might benefit your business.

Keyword Research

We need to determine exactly what keywords your target market are using to find you.

Technical Audit

We provide recommendations on your landing page and the impact it can have on your PPC quality scores.


Your budget can be affected by your return on investment, your keyword research, and your competitors.

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There are a number of things we need to do to get us underway, including setting up your accounts and making sure we know exactly where your clicks are coming from.


We start by setting up your ad account on social media or Google Adwords.

Content Creation

Whether it is Google Adwords copy or social media visuals, we build content relevant for your campaign.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking helps us determine what actions people are taking once they have clicked on your ad.

A/B Testing

We carry out A/B testing on all Pay Per Click campaigns. This helps us drive lower cost per conversion rates, saving you money.

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You need to know that your PPC campaign is working. Every month you will receive a full report and a 30 minute consultation giving you complete clarity over your campaign.

Weekly Optimisation

We spend time optimising your campaign, driving down your cost per conversion.

Client Manager

Not sure about something? You have access to your own Client Manager for any pressing questions.

Monthly Report

Each month you will receive a report giving you complete clarity over how your campaign is performing.

Monthly Consultation

Each month we hold a telephone consultation with you about your monthly report, and to propose any changes to your campaign.

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