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We help you shine with Corporate Photography

Photography is important for portraying your business in the right light. We have the photography skills that can help to showcase your business. Our in-house photographer has over 7 years photography experience, creating stunning output for clients and for personal portfolios.

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Corporate Photography services to showcase your business and your people

Photography is very personal when it comes to taste and preferences. What works for one person, doesn’t work for another. That’s why we work with our clients to understand what end product they are visualising, and use our photography skills to create something unique to the personality of their business.

Where you’re looking for updated imagery in your business venue, or you’re looking for a corporate portrait photoshoot, we have the in-house skills to deliver a photography service, tailored to you.

We use professional photographic cameras and lenses, along with black/white backdrops and professional studio lighting.

We have the equipment and skills to take any variety of photos, from scenic landscapes, to sports action, to portraits of people or close-ups of food and drink.

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Our 3 stage approach to Corporate Photography for your business

Photoshoot Planning

It’s essential that we get a really good understanding of what you want and how you want the end product to look. That’s why we consult with you to ensure our photos accurately represent your business and its personality.

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The Shoot

We can bring our equipment to your premises to capture you and your business in the best light. We work best with clients when they feel relaxed. We’ll talk to you and those involved in the shoot so that the camera doesn’t daunt people.

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Post Production

99% of the work is done in-camera. You can’t create good lighting in Photoshop. But we can apply creative effects and styles, turn things black and white, and re-size images so that they are suitable for print publication, web or social media.

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Lara Boot Hairdressing Photoshoot
The Lara Boot Hairdressing photoshoot had us take photos of the team against a white backdrop, and shots of the salon whilst in action.

BQI Insurance Photoshoot
The BQI Insurance team were looking for some more consistent and professional photographs for their LinkedIn profiles.

The Inspirate Team Photoshoot
The team at Inspirate required a series of headshots taken for the team section of their website. We used a brick wall outside the office as the backdrop.

Brixworth Dental Photoshoot
Brixworth Dental Practice have required a number of photographs taken from individual head shots and team shots, through to PR photos.

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