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About our Lunch and Learn sessions in Bedford

We launched Lunch and Learn in Northampton in January 2016, and and due to its roaring success we have decided to launch our Bedford Lunch and Learn in June.

Our Lunch and Learn sessions are a hybrid of networking and learning. We facilitate a semi-structured agenda with a maximum of 15 business leaders of small and medium sized businesses. We guide the discussion through a range of topics in the world of online marketing. We cover topics such as the basics of online marketing, how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for your business, and the importance of planning content. And whilst we are able to share a range of hints and tips from our extensive marketing experience, there’s a huge amount of learning we can all take from the experience that other businesses have been through.

Each session is in a round-table, informal format, with as much discussion as possible. No question is a silly question. Each session costs £15, lasts 2.5 hours and will include time to network, eat lunch and learn something new that you can implement into your business.

If you like the sound of our Lunch and Learn networking sessions and would like to attend our Bedford session, you can book in by scrolling down or by calling us on 01604 779035.

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with 44 Harpur Street and our sessions will be held in one of their business rooms.

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Are our Lunch and Learn sessions for you?

We recognise that businesses are in all manner of stages in their life cycle, and some businesses will have more knowledge and experience of online marketing than others. That’s why we host a range of different sessions throughout the year in an effort to cater to different needs. Some of our sessions cover the basics, others are more advanced. We’ve hosted directors and marketing managers from organisations as large as 50 employees, right down to your sole trader.

The basic principles of marketing are the same regardless of the size of a business, and we help business leaders understand and translate these basic concepts in to a context relevant to them, so that they feel confident they can implement strategies that push their businesses forward.

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About Our Venue

Introducing our Bedford venue – 44 Harpur Street. No more grey days away from the office! 44 Harpur Street brings you Business Venue Hire with a twist.

Four uniquely themed rooms with tailor made packages ensure that you will get everything you need from your day away from the workplace. You can use it for training days, break out days, away days or even for some serious IT courses.

Are you ready to make business fun and have a day to remember with the 44 Harpur Street Experience? Come along to our Bedford Lunch and Learn to experience it in its fullest!

For those times when Lunch and Learn is not on, they have a Business Parlour where you can bring your laptop down if you don’t fancy working from home, offering FREE Wifi and serving specialty Tea’s, Coffee’s and Cake.

Call them now on 01234 342626 to book a tour with tea and cake.

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Some Good News…

The profits from each session are donated to a local charity, which will be voted on at our first Lunch and Learn in Bedford. We will announce who this is soon. At our Northampton sessions we support Alfes Cause. So far we have managed to raise over £300 by holding our monthly sessions.

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Our Bedford sessions

Lunch and Learn Session
Tuesday 28th June – 12pm – 2:30pm
Introducing you to Online Marketing
We discuss online marketing in general, introducing you to an integrated marketing strategy. A scary term, but a very simple one, and something you should be adopting in your business. Be prepared to play with Spaghetti!

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Lunch and Learn Session
Tuesday 26th July – 12pm – 2:30pm
Planning and Creating Social Media Content
We discuss not just how and why you should be planning social media content, but we provide you with some great tips for creating it too!

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Lunch and Learn Session
Tuesday 30th August – 12pm – 2:30pm
The things you COULD be doing on Facebook
A majority of businesses use Facebook to promote their business, but are you doing it right?! We discuss some of the things you COULD be doing to grow your business online, and more specifically on Facebook.

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Lunch and Learn Session
Tuesday 27th September – 12pm – 2:30pm
The things you COULD be doing on Twitter
Whether you love your Twitter or you don’t, we discuss how you can grow your followers, the ways you can engage with them, and most importantly how you can generate leads on Twitter.

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